Beaconsfield Medical Practice

175 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6AG

Telephone: 01273 552212

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Training Practice

We are a training practice, which means that we have been approved for undergraduate and post-graduate training of GP registrars. Registrars are fully qualified doctors preparing to enter general practice and their training is supervised by Dr Bird. They normally stay with us for up to year. During this time the registrar sees patients in his or her own clinics. Part of this training involves analysis of videotaped consultations, and so you may be asked for permission to record your consultation with the registrar. (However, this will only be done with your written consent, and if you decide not to have the consultation recorded, it will not affect the care you receive in any way).

The practice is regularly inspected as a training practice and this involves inspection of the medical records. Only doctors approved for this purpose will inspect records and they will respect completely the confidentiality of this information. Patient records will only be disclosed with you written consent.

We also assist in the training of students at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and on occasions you may be asked if a student may be present during your consultation. If you would prefer this did not happen please inform reception and they will pass on your wishes to the doctor.

Foundation Year 2 doctors will be attached to the practice from September 07. They are fully qualified doctors who will be supervised by the GP partners.